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Happy mid-Autumn Festival

Views: 67     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-09-15      Origin: Site

Happy mid-Autumn Festival

           Lunar August 15 each year, is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. At this year's mid-autumn, it is called Mid-Autumn Festival. In the Chinese lunar calendar, the year is divided into four seasons, divided into quarterly Meng, Zhong three sections, quarter, and thus also known as Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-autumn. August 15 full moon, the moon is more round than other months, brighter, it is also called "on the eve", "Mid-Autumn Festival." This night, people look at the sky bright moon jade disc, we will naturally look forward to family reunion. Far away from home, also take sustenance for themselves and their loved ones home thoughts of love. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called "Reunion."
Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the company manager with the staff wish all the new and old customers happy holidays and good luck! !

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